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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I've been really inspired lately and drawing like a mad man and came up with an idea...not a new idea, but one that seems to have been abandoned. Vending Machine Comics. Me and the wife are launching our anthology zine comic - OFF-PANEL. This will be 3 different stories told under a single title. "CON CRUD", a loose autobiographical comic about what it's like making comics, "THE REGULAR MAN" a social satire story following an old school barber in a future world he no longer understands and "THE MISADVENTURES OF THE BLUE TITMOUSE" a superhero story exploring the odd relationship between batman and robin-esque characters. These mini-zine comics will be available locally via a vending machine but also can be ordered online, here on my website. Currently I have 3 complete issues and will be releasing new issues once a month.

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